Premium Frameless Staircase

Frameless Glass Staircases are an excellent way to add a modern look to your home.
At Guaranteed Glass, this premium product is individually designed to meet specific architectural and engineering requirements.

We work with you to ensure the design suits your home. So let the experts help you achieve the overlook that is coherent and a perfect finish to your home or business. We use only the best in products to guarantee quality and strength for long lasting results.

Add Value To Your Home

Our clients choose glass balustrading for their staircases because it adds value to any property, it provides a secure barrier against falls, and it allows plenty of light to flow into spaces that are often dark.

One frameless glass staircase balustrades offer a seamless appearance that is both modern and contemporary. It will feel as if there is no barrier and makes an ideal choice for smaller or enclosed rooms.

We have a variety of different glass types to choose from which are all able to withstand everyday wear and tear.